How Important is Water in Our Digestive Process?

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Published: 16th June 2010
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When we eat food and we drink water, what happens to them inside of us? Both food and water are important for our digestive system to operate properly. We need this water not only to hydrate us but to also help us properly digest our food. Most of us take our bodies for granted; we just expect that they will always function as they should. But did you know that the body is made up of about 98% of water? Actually, most of our major organs and fluids in the body are water. So logically, once we realize this, we see just how important water is for our bodies to operate properly.

Really, there is a direct relation between eating healthy and taking in enough water. When we eat healthy food, we also need to drink enough water in order to absorb the vitamins and minerals from our healthy food.

Often we drink water while eating because we become thirsty but we don't even realize just how much this water is helping our digestive system. For the stomach to properly break down the food we eat and for the body to absorb these nutrients into our blood, our stomach acids need enough water. Even as our food travels down our intestines it still needs water in order to continue to be broken down and be absorbed. So we need water to properly digest the food we eat.

What else does water do for our bodies? Not only does water allow the body to flush itself of waste and filter the blood, but it also provides the basis of certain body fluids that we need to live. Of course we need to take in enough water in order for this process to take place properly and for our kidneys to function properly.

In discussing the body's need for enough water, we don't want to overlook the fact that many of our organs absolutely depend on having enough blood and with that, water, in order to function. Kidneys and intestines especially need a large quantity of water to flush waste from our bodies. Why do these organs especially need so much water? Well, when we ingest food, our bodies use whatever they need, but then the rest is waste. Included in this waste are toxic by-products which we not only do not need to live, but we want to eliminate them as soon as possible. Think of how important this process is for keeping the body healthy.

Sometimes however, an imbalance in our intestines occurs so that we can't properly process our food or sometimes won't be able to absorb any of the nutrients we need, and should be getting, as food passes through our intestines. Fortunately though, we often can fix this imbalance by ourselves without any trips to the doctors office, by simply drinking more water. Sometimes all we need to do is to drink more water to push these toxins and buildups from the system, as you would force something through a slow drain.

Most of the processes our body performs every day rely on our digestive system to supply the proper amount of nutrients and fluids. Water is so important that without it proper digestion wouldn't exist.

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