Unhealthy Eating Contributes to Health Disorders

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Published: 16th June 2010
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When we were teenagers, we likely didn't pay much attention to eating healthily, nor did we understand what could result from eating poorly. As we grow older, though we take note of some ill-effects caused by lack of exercise and our bad food habits, and we see what a large role they play in our health. Baby boomers are now beginning to enter into retirement, and questions and concerns about their health as a whole are starting to arise. Boomers seem to be much more apprehensive about health issues than generations before them, and they are concerned with how to keep or regain good health, as well as what diets keep them their healthiest.

It doesn't take a PhD to realize that there's a strong correlation between health disorders and the overconsumption of food. Just look around our nation and see the rising obesity epidemic, and you will understand the ill-effects of eating more than our bodies require. To bring the problem closer to home, have you ever considered what dangers may come from even over consuming specific kinds of foods? What will happen if you overindulge in sweet and sugary snacks?

Ingesting too much sugar on a daily basis can cause all sorts of issues in our health. The number-one health concern is diabetes, but that disease isn't even the worst thing that can happen as a result of eating too much sugar. Indulging in too many sweet foods can cause thyroid dysfunction, obesity, a malfunction in our kidneys, and even intestinal problems.

And what happens when we drink too much alcohol? We know plenty about the devastating effects of alcohol abuse across the whole world, and a lot of money is poured into our hospitals to try and help those with alcoholism. Too much consumption of alcohol can lead to liver problems, early brain deterioration, the loss of youth, and the speeding up of any age-related diseases.

There is another large problem on the rise regarding people who don't consume enough food. What do our bodies do when we don't eat what we need to stay healthy? Whether by anorexia or bulimia, if we starve ourselves of the nutrients it so badly needs, we can end up with heart disease, muscle deterioration, gum disease, and vision loss, to name a few ill side effects.

Nowadays, we can even supplement the vitamins and minerals needed for the healthy functioning of our bodies when we don't get them in the foods we consume. Just check out the health section of any grocery store to find out all the different options available to you thanks to the recent vitamin revolution. Vitamins and minerals in the form of tablet, capsule, powder, or pill is available for us to purchase.

It is difficult to correct a health problem when it has reached the point of not functioning properly due to ill-nutrition or overconsumption, and sometimes attempting to do so will create another problem. For example, if someone becomes diabetic, their options in terms of diet and exercise become very limited. Achieving a healthy lifestyle isn't a difficult goal to reach when done with proper exercise and diet. Now do you see how essential your level of health is to the quality of your life? Can you see how important it is to take a more active role in the healthy habits of your spouse and children? The choices you make directly affect the situations they face in their lives. It is essential that we make every effort to reach the optimum level of health, and not just for ourselves - for every member of our families.

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